F1R-2 pro

Speed Up to 85 mt/min (280 ft / min) and up to 2G acceleration
Operators Units 2 indipendent operating units with electronically controlled axes that can manage: Creasing/Cutting/Kiss cut/Milling (optional)
Power supply Three-phase + N 400V + N single-phase 50/60 HZ
Tool change Manual
Worktop Size
X 1.020 Y 720 Z 5 mm (X 40 Y 28 Z 0,2 in)
Rubber Feather
Paper/Carton Leather
Polyurethane Foam Plexiglass
Forex Polycarbonate
Gaskets PVC


SD Italian technology excellence designs the new Augusta F1R2 PRO digital die cutter. Augusta F1R2 PRO is based on a new concept of modularity and backward compatibility, which is expressed with the possibility of configuring the most suitable solution for current machining processes and evolving the machine according to future needs. Thanks to this new philosophy, SD customers will be able to implement and update the machine’s composition by dividing the investment over time and adapting their needs during the development of their business.

The prismatic guides with recirculating balls combined with high precision racks with inclined helical teeth guarantee handling of the axes with precision and speed.
VELOCITY: Thanks to the new Full DIGITAL engines combined with a very solid structure guaranteed by handling through racks and inclined pinions, we are able reach an axis speed up to 85 Mt/min and up to 2 G of acceleration. This solution drastically reduces processing times and machine movements times, offering a very high speed on creasing and cutting operations.
f1r-2 structure


QR CODE DETECTION: QR code detection to automatically refer the relative cutting program avoiding any error.
VIDEO CAMERA WITH MARKS DETECTION: Thanks to the high-camera system resolution it is possible to detect the marks in very short times and automatically adapt the cutting phase in compliance with shares generated by self-learning. Reading and automatic correction of any deformation with automatic cutting correction.
STABILITY: The double motorization on the gantry structure (c-d), with digital correction and synchronization of the beam movement ensures perfect balancing and maximum precision in any operation.
RIGIDITY: The anchorage of the “Y” cart is supported by a prismatic guide and by two considerable pads that guarantee its precision over time.




SMART CONFIGURATION: The basic composition of the new F1R2 PRO includes a central body available in 2 versions.

1  Machine with fixed worktop
The worktop is made of rectified and micro-perforated aluminum with a Silon carpet on the top. Thanks to this configuration it is possible to work in manual mode, that is by manually loading and unloading the sheet on the work surface.

2 Machine with conveyor worktop
With this configuration, through a conveyor belt, the unloading of the material takes place automatically. Once the machine has unloaded the processed material, it will be ready to receive the new sheet.



It combines the loading system of the FLEX configuration with a latest generation automatic unloader

SD responds to market demands by designing a completely automatic system in the unloading phase of the processed sheets which are deposited in a first conveyor bench station and subsequently picked up by a bridge unloader equipped with a suction table and then automatically stacked on a pallet. (maximum stack height 700 mm).

The sheet is unloaded in total safety and ensuring complete long autonomy to the cutting machine, without being manned, thus reducing the burden of operator costs and ensuring a high production capacity with a completely flexible and integrated system.



Automatic sheet feeder
Automatic sheet feeding bench with maximum stack height of 250 mm. Through this unit, the sheets to be processed will be picked up automatically thanks to a special suction cup system (a) that picks up and deposits the sheet on the work surface. The feeding bench can accommodate sheets of different sizes thanks to a system of fixed stops and 2 magnetic references (b) that can be easily removed and positioned in the chosen format.

Unloading slide
This unloading bench allows an easy collection of the processed sheets. The unloading of the sheet is facilitated by a blowing system that facilitate the sheet evacuation from the cutting department to the unloading bench.

RIGIDITY: the anchorage of the “Y” carriage is supported by a prismatic guide and two major skids that ensure its accuracy over time.


Operating Units

SD has conceived this machine with a revolutionary concept making the cutting and creasing axes completely electronic (a), in this way the cutting and creasing settings automatically adapt according to the program that will be executed. The operating units are interchangeable and backward compatible.
Our design allows compatibility with the operating units of the entire SD cutting plotter range: Augusta F 50 R PRO and Augusta F 150 R PRO (Matrix version) depending on the working process needed.

OPERATING UNIT CONFIGURATION:The configuration of the operating units includes a head (plate) that can accommodate 2 units with extremely fast and precise electronic adjustment. The two units allow the insertion of the following groups: fixed and oscillating knife, creasing, kiss cut, 45° cut and electrospindle (optional).

Console PC

21 INCH TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR: Personal computer with latest generation processors and solid-state drive installed on the machine.

AXES MOVEMENT: Movement operations (X-Y-Z) and its interpolation  are managed through an extreme precise industrial CN.

OPERATIONAL COMMANDS: The new mobile console with Windows 10 operating system, simple and intuitive user interface consists of main and immediate operator commands:

  • parking area
  • printing registration abilitation
  • axis manual movement
  • axis speed movement
  • selection of automatic or manual cycle
  • automated positioning for material loading
  • automatic reset of the processing
    after down event
  • lists with 5 programs with decrease counter




PC with new interface designed and developed by SD for a simple, effective and accessible programming even for those who are unfamiliar with computer.

SD-AUTOMATOR: SD Automator provides a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the day-to day jobs of structural designers, graphic designers, diemakers and sales people involved in the creation, communication, production of packaging and displays.
Its versatile modular structure lets you configure the packaging software for your own needs.
The SD Automator Library of resizable packaging standards has accumulated over  1.500 parametric designs for folding carton, corrugated board, grey board and PVC.
The CAD / CAM software is integrated with Adobe® Illustrator® helping professionals visualize the 3D model of the packaging with the product inside and apply graphics to the structure. With the new Step and Repeat over the layout directly in Illustrator® designers can generate production files with high resolution images.
The new F1R2 PRO with SD Automator optimizes every aspect of the packaging design and pre-production workflows.


F50R pro

Power supply Three-phase 380/400 50Hz
Tool change Up to 6 positions
Work area X 2050 Y 1600 Z 50 (mm)
Speed X 120 Y 120 Z 50 (mt/min)
Leather PTFE
Rubber Polycarbonate
Paper/Carton Wood
PVC Feather
Polyurethane Foam Dibond
Gaskets Plexiglass
Alucobond Forex

The new F50R PRO automatic cutting plotter by SD introduces maximum flexibility in the management of the cutters, thanks to the brand new tool changer the customer has the possibility to manage the entire cutter compartment completely automatically. This increases production efficiency and eliminates the possibility of operator error. Up to 13 tools can be changed for maximum freedom of use.

Speed and Accuracy

The supporting structure consists of a monolithic base in thick steel, strongly ribbed and extremely rigid. All the details are ground on high precision numerical controls which guarantee stability and quality over time.

The F50R PRO automatic plotter is extremely fast and precise in all situations with axis movement of 120 metres-minute and acceleration and deceleration up to 2.3G.



F150R pro

Pendulum machining X 1600- Y 2050- Z 150 mm
X 3050- Y 2050- Z 150 mm
* Double work area pendulum
Independent Z axes Up to 4 independent units
Power supply Three-phase 380/400 50 Hz
Tool change Up to 13 positions + 12 positions (configurable
Work area

X 2050 – Y 1600 – Z 150 mm

X 3050 – Y 2050 – Z 150 mm

X 4500- Y 2050- Z 150 mm

X 7600- Y 2050- Z 150 mm

PRO SPEED X 90- Y 90- Z 30 mt/min
Speed PRO AREA X 90- Y 90- Z 30 mt/min
Leather Wood
Rubber Feather
Paper/Carton Dibond
PVC Plexiglass
Polyurethane Foam Aluminum
Gaskets Solid Surfaces
Alucobond 3D
PTFE Forex

The new F150R PRO cutting plotter features the possibility of tool change up to 25 positions which allows incredible modularity and speed. The four independent units are managed by individually and digitally controlled axes. A step forward in terms of innovation and precision of use.


The MATRIX module is a carrier module, designed to accommodate many different operating units. The versatility of this module makes it adaptable to many cutting needs.

Thanks to a simple and quick manual clutch, you can easily and quickly replace the chosen operating unit. Matrix can accommodate 8 different and retrofittable operating units and tools, fully electronic in their use. Matrix is characterized by a very high positioning speed combined with an extreme precision, ideal when dealing with the thinnest materials. The precision of the Z-axis positioning is guaranteed by a brushless motor. The sliding of the operating unit takes place through two prismatic guides combined with a ball screw. The Matrix axis center reaches a maximum value in Y equal to 1,800 mm.