Films for Interior Decoration.

Easily renovate furniture and walls with Cover Styl’.

Remodeling furniture and walls can be costly both in terms of money and time.
Now this is no longer the case: thanks to Cover Styl’, you can give them a second life by personalizing them in a variety of ways.

Cover Styl’ offers 9 different looks and more than 470 references: from minimalist films, to modern designs perfect for recreating an industrial, Scandinavian or contemporary style, from fabric finishes, to glitter or marble-effect finishes to recreate classic style–in short, you’re spoiled for choice!

Why cover with Cover Styl

  • Cost reduction of up to %-70% compared to a traditional renovation
  • No interruption to your business with fast and quiet installation
  • 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking and delamination
  • Simple and bubble free application
  • High product quality and unique material effect
  • Resistance to heat and moisture, no problem for post-application cleaning
  • The films are certified for: water, fire, antibacterial, stain and abrasion; they also comply with maritime regulations and are Reach and CE marketing certified.
Wood furniture films G6

Wood Effect

In recent years, wooden furniture and walls have set real trends by becoming key elements in many interior design styles. Thanks to Cover Styl’ you can recreate your “alpine corner,” you can choose to renovate your room in perfect Scandinavian style or why not, you can create a beautiful paneling perfect for classic style, quickly and easily.
Choose from dozens and dozens of wood effect solutions: from oak wood, to beech, or teak…the perfect shade is here waiting for you!

Solid color effect furniture and wall films O4

Solid Color

If you’re looking for new colors to revamp your furniture or walls and want something simple, then you’ll love our United Colors: nearly 70 different references to choose from, you’ll have a color for every emotion you have!


Give charm and sparkle to your rooms with glitter finishes: our many glitter references will be perfect for making your store or home unique and glam, just choose the color you prefer and apply the film to furniture and walls to give an unparalleled touch of style!

Furniture and wall films glitter effect R10

Natural Stone Effect

The rustic, natural charm of stone, as if it were real: with Cover Styl’ you can recreate the modern, elegant yet “imperfect” effect typical of natural stone by simply applying a film to furniture or walls. Choose the shade that best matches your surroundings or that you like best: Cover Styl’ offers numerous references, from light gray to brick, from anthracite to black and cream, not forgetting different textures.

Furniture and wall films soft touch effect NF14

Soft Touch Effect

If you’re looking for a film to cover walls and furniture that is simple yet impressive, you won’t be able to resist the soft touch range: distinctive textured premium finishes with very strong scratch resistance for a jaw-dropping result.

Leather Effect

The refined and refined effect of the leather, where you prefer and with the confidence that you are not harming nature. Experiment with leather effect adhesive films, you can apply them wherever you like and create a classy corner in perfect “animal” style.

NG19 leather effect furniture and wall films

Marble Effect

Marble has always been synonymous with elegance, luxury and refinement, and it is no coincidence that lovers of the classic style prefer this material for furniture or walls, giving their rooms a refined touch. From today you too can breathe new life into your room or home by creating a perfect classic style with our marble effect films: glossy, matte, white, black or colored…you just need to choose the reference you prefer and you’re done.

Metal Effect

Would you like to renovate your room or home by recreating the industrial style, or do you dream of living in a American lofts? Metal effect finishes are ideal for your purpose: choose from sheet metal, carbon, rust or aluminum effect and cover furniture, chairs, walls… The “wow” effect is assured!

Fabric Effect

Looking for a modern and distinctive look? Take a look at fabric effect finishes, they will be perfect for highlighting particular corners of the room by covering walls or tables, chairs or doors… unleash your imagination and enhance your environment with the finishes that represent you most!

NG10 fabric effect furniture and wall films